Everyone Can Use a Little Sunshine in Their Lives!

The role of a teacher is just as sacred of an honor as being a parent. It carries with it such a heavy responsibility that if not done right can lead to harming a child’s self confidence and ability to thrive in this world if not supported and taught the tools to grow them onto

I Dreamt About My Baby

Do you dream often? Do you have dreams that you remember… like that time you found yourself getting lost, being chased or meeting with your favorite celebrity? Do you ever wonder what the dream really meant? I often find myself pondering about the deeper meanings of my dreams; although I usually skip dreamland altogether or

What Is Hair Confidence?

Let’s talk about what this thing that I’m calling Hair Confidence really is. I know I’ve been doing a lot of talk about Hair Confidence and pushing it on just about every social media post I’ve been putting up lately so I figured it was just about time for me to really explain what it is

Open Letter to My Fellow Naturals

As I have been developing my Hair Confidence platform I thought it would be only right to reach out to my fellow naturals and aspiring naturals in an open letter to hopefully encourage and help open up and fight any negative thoughts and feelings you may have about your natural hair and any feelings of